Tiramisu with hint of summer

Today I made Tiramisu with a hint of summer – it was really good and of course more fresh than the traditional one. I also used Amaretto instead of Marsala, it worked perfectly! Maybe the Italians are grinning their noses now…..Enjoy!

This recipe serves about 8 people:

4 egg yokes
4 tbsp. sugar
8 tbsp. marsala (sweet wine from Sicily)
250 gr mascarpone cheese
2,5 dl whipping cream
1 pack finger biscuits
1,5 dl espresso coffee or strong regular coffee
3 tbsp. cocoa powder

Start with making sabayon. Whip egg yokes, sugar and marsala light and airy over water bath (whip in a bowl placed over boiling water – don’t let the bottom of the bowl come in in touch with the water). Take the bowl off the heat and whisk until room temperature. Use hand mixer.

Take some of the egg mix and put into another bowl, add mascarpone and whisk until even batter. Pour back into the rest of the egg mix.

Whip the cream. Pour into egg and cheese mix and stir gently. It shall have a firm consistency. Place it in the fridge covered with plastic until use.

Make coffee and pour into a tin which can easily be used for dipping biscuits.

If you like to make it as the picture shows, just do like this:

Take 2 finger biscuits per glass, cut in 4 pieces each and dip quickly in coffee and place them in the bottom of the glass. Add a layer of cream and sift cocoa lightly on top. Slice strawberries and place them on top of cream and add a new layer of cream. Finally, place some sliced strawberries on top again and there you have it!