Success tart

Suksessterte Sucsess tart

Soon it’s Easter holiday and what is better than a cake with yellow cream! And add a sponge with almonds and nuts and a chocolate cream – yes then everything should be ok! This cake is actually very easy to bring to your mountain cabin or wherever you would like to bring it. Just make the sponge ahead (you can perfectly freeze until use), bring both creams  (in different bags of course) and assemble when needed. Easy peasy! Enjoy!


125 gr grounded almonds
125 gr roughly chopped hazelnuts
250 gr sugar
5 egg whites (keep yokes for butter cream)

Whip egg whites until foam and add sugar little by little. Whip until stiff mixture, but not too stiff, it shall be stiff but still with soft peaks.

Gently fold in nuts/almonds. Pour into a 26 cm greased tin.

Bake in pre-heated oven to 180  °C for 30 min. Watch carefully so you don’t over cook, then

Chocolate cream:

1 dl cream
100 gr chocolate (I use chocolate with 40% cocoa)
2 tbsp. butter

Heat cream until boiling and add chopped chocolate and stir well – be patient. Remove pan from heat. Add butter and stir until even and shiny cream. Cool a little bit (not in the fridge because you can get problems spreading it out).

Egg- and butter cream:

5 egg yokes
125 gr sugar
4 tsp. vanilla sugar
1 dl cream
150 gr butter (room temperature)

Mix everything except butter and heat until boiling, stir all the time. At the moment it starts boiling, remove from heat and cool. Whip in butter a little at the time. I use electrical hand mixer with success.


Spread the chocolate cream over the sponge first and then the egg-and butter cream. If you choose to spread egg- and butter cream, cool down after adding chocolate cream on, otherwise the two can mix and it doesn’t look that nice. The easiest thing is to use piping bag.

Tips: If you would like to have some churchy texture, you can caramelize some almonds in sugar, chop and sprinkle on top.