This is a typical Norwegian Christmas cake (small cakes as we call them, all these different Christmas cakes). Very easy to make, so just go ahead – crispy and perfect as “snacks” to afternoon tea. I use the recipe of my favorite pastry chef Elin Vatnar Nilsen. Enjoy!

200 gr butter
140 gr sugar
260 gr plain flour
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
2 egg yokes
1/4 tsp. bicarbonat

Nib sugar
a handful chopped almonds

Crumble flour and butter together. Whip egg yokes slightly with bicarbonate and mix into flour/butter mix, add all dry ingredients and kneed until even dough. Place the dough in a plastic bag a couple of hours or over night.

Take out the dough and roll into sausage shape, cut into small pieces and make small round balls. Place on a tray covered with grease proof paper. Use a fork to press them down a little.

Brush them with egg white and sprinkle nib sugar and chopped almonds on top.

Bake in pre-heated oven to 200 degrees C, in the middle, for about 10 min and golden brown. Remove from oven and cool down and keep in a tight box.