Sarah Bernardt

Sarah Bernard

Ooooohhhhh these delicious cakes!! They are the best ones and dangerous to keep in the cake tin since they will be eaten so quickly, and it’s no better to keep them in the freezer either, since they taste just as delicious straight from there. It’s a bit time consuming to make these, but I promise they are worth it! From this recipe I make one baking tray 7×7 which gives 49 cakes. Enjoy!

Almond base:

200 gr finely grounded almonds
200 gr icing sugar
3 egg whites (medium size)

Mix almonds and icing sugar well (I use to put it in a plastic bag and shake until well mixed). Whisk egg whites until stiff peaks and mix in almond/icing sugar. Stir until even mix. Place small cakes (7×7 pieces) on a baking tray with grease proof paper.

Bake in pre heated oven at 175 deg.C in the middle, for 15 min. remove from oven and cool down.

100 gr sugar
1 1/4 dl water

Add water and sugar into a pan and boil until syrup (I boil until I have about 1 dl left).

4 egg yokes
200 gr butter room tempered
2 tsp. good cocoa powder
Start mixing the egg yokes (I use a kitchen machine) and slowly add sugar water (try to avoid pouring it on the whisks itself). Whisk until light and fluffy. Start adding the butter, a little at the time to avoid splitting. When all butter is mixed in, add cocoa powder and stir until even mix. Place the cream in the fridge if you will not use it immediately.

Start assembling and distribute a little cream on each almond base. Place it to cool when finished.

For topping you can to it two ways: melt 200 gr of chocolate over water bath and add 2 tsp. of coconut butter. When melted cool down a little before you start dipping each cake into the chocolate. Place back on the tray and cool down before placing them in a tin. They’re also perfect to freeze down.

The other way is to use tempered chocolate. recipes for how to do this you can find all over the internet.