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Breakfast in cabin with fresh rolls and hot chocolate, what is better….This recipe is a very simple one, and the best thing with it is that you can actually make them (rise and roll out the buns) the evening before, put it in the fridge  under plastic cover until next day. Place them on the bench an hour or so before baking. Nothing is better as a quiet and relaxing start of the day…. enjoy breakfast!


This recipe gives about 15 rolls, of course depending on size, but if you get any leftovers, just put them in the freezer and heat in the oven on 120°C  for about 12-15 min.

4 tbsp. butter
4 dl milk
1/2 pck yeast
1 l flour
1 tsp. salt

Melt butter and add milk, heat until lukewarm. Add yeast and stir until resolved (if you use dry yeast, mix it with flour and salt before adding liquid). Add liquid into flour and salt mix and knead for about 10 min in a kitchen machine until an elastic and nice texture. Rise for about 1 hour under plastic cover. Cut the dough into 15 pieces and roll.

It’s at this time I put them in the fridge if I decide to bake them the next day.


If baking the same day, rise for about 30 min.

Bake in pre-heated oven on 250 °C.

Tips: To check if the dough is enough risen, you can make a “hole” in it and lit a match and put close to it. If the flame still burns, it’s not finished.