Rhubarb soup with cinnamon ice cream

Rubarb soup with cinnamon ice cream

Rhubarb is at it’s best now – get out and collect! If you are so lucky that you already have access to rhubarb in your garden, or maybe the neighbors, collect and let fantasy be the limit. But most important – get some extra to put in the freezer. Just peel the rhubarb and cut into 1cm big pieces and put in the freezer. Now you can enjoy this delicious fruit all winter!

This recipe goes for 4 person:
125 gr rhubarb
100 gr sugar
1/2 l water
1 tbsp. corn flour
some water

Vanilla ice cream

Peel rhubarb and cut into 1 cm big pieces, put in a pan together with water and sugar. Put to boil and let boil until rhubarb is dissolved. Mix corn flour and water and add little by little to the soup until soup consistency. Cool down.

Take as much ice cream as you like, put it in kitchen machine and add as much cinnamon as you like.

Serve in deep plates with a spoon of ice cream and enjoy!

Tip: Before adding corn flour to the soup, add some slices of strawberry.