Paris Brest -Choux Pastry


I got inspired from one of my favorite TV shows “Great British Bakeoff” to make Mary Berry’s Paris-Brest. At the same time I was watching the Norwegian edition where they made the same one but with a different cream – a praline cream. It looked delicious, so I decided to make that the same evening!

I’ve used my old recipe for the choux batter:


125 g butter
1,5 dl milk
1 dl water
125 g plain flour
3 eggs

almond flakes

Heat milk and water in a casserole  to almost boiling, take it off the heat. Add flour and stir hard for 3-4 min. Add one egg at the time and stir hard in between.

Cool down before piping the batter in a 20 cm circle using a star tip, or you can just use the spoon to place small balls around the circle. Sprinkle almond flakes on top.

Bake in a pre-heated oven to 200°C for approx. 50 min. It shall have a crusted top before it’s finished. Take it out from the oven and cut the top off and cool down.

Praline cream:

250 gr milk
2 vanilla beans
30 gr sugar
30 gr maizenna
3 egg yokes
120 gr hazelnut praline
90 gr butter

Cut the vanilla beans in to (long way) and scrape out the seeds and put it together with milk, sugar, maizenna and egg yokes into a casserole. Heat until boiling and take it off the heat, stir hard. Add praline and cool down.

Whip the butter to a light and airy mix in a bowl. Add praline cream little by little until you have a fluffy cream.


125 gr hazel nuts
100 gr sugar
60 gr water

Boil water and sugar until brown caramel on medium heat and add hazelnuts. Be patient! Cool and run in food processor until powder.

If there is any praline left, you can use it to sprinkle on top of the cream or in ice cream etc.

When the pastry is cooled down, pipe the praline cream on with a start tip or just use a spoon. Place the top on and dust with powder sugar.