Oatmeal biscuit

Havrekjeks Oatmeal biscuit

I got this recipe from a very good colleague who’s also more than medium interested in baking and food. Whenever we take a 5-min break we discuss recipes, tips and tricks which are shared with a good portion of laughter! Lovely! I got this recipe from her which she got from her mother in law. I’ve already made them ready for Easter holiday – they taste delicious with some butter and cheese or jam. Enjoy!


200 gr oatmeal (small size)
1 dl sugar
1,5 dl milk
1 egg
1/2 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. bicarbonate
125 gr butter
0,5 dl corn flour
250 gr plain flour

Melt butter and cool down a little. Whip egg and milk slightly. Mix all dry ingredients and add butter and milk. Mix well.

Let the dough rest a few minutes to settle, it makes it easier to roll out. I roll just a little part of the dough every time since it’s a bit loose and not so easy to handle if it becomes too big. Add new dough every time you roll out, otherwise it will become very dry.

Roll out to about 3 mm thick and press out circles about 6 cm diameter. Use as little flour as possible when rolling out to avoid dough to get too dry.

Bake in pre-heated oven 200 °C for about 10-12 min. Remove from oven when golden brown.