Merengue swissroll with lemon curd

Marengs rullekake med sitronkrem

Again I’ve been watching “Great British bakeoff”, and this time they were to make merengue swiss roll after Merry Berry’s recipe. And as an active viewer I felt the pressure and though I just have to try this – how difficult can it be? So there I was too smug…it took me 3 tries to make it since I struggled getting the greased paper off…but just check recipe under to h0w I did, and I think you will manage. This is actually a pavlova in swiss roll format, and the good thing is that you can fill and decorate with whatever you like, here I filled it with lemon curd and cream. Enjoy!


4 egg whites
200 gr sugar
2 tsp. corn flour starch
1 tsp. vinegar white 7% (or around)

Whip egg whites to thick foam and add sugar little by little. Use medium speed to allow as much air as possible to go into the merengue. Whip until stiff, but don’t over whip, the peaks shall still be soft even if stiff.

Sift and fold in the corn flour and add vinegar, use a spatula to avoid air to disappear from the merengue.

Pour the batter onto a baking tray covered with grease proof paper.

Bake in preheated oven to 160 °C  for about 30 min.

Remove the cake from the oven and lay a grease proof paper on top. Turn around the tray and lay down on the bench. Leave the tray on top when cooling down. You need to cool down before removing the greased paper. Try little by little and just wait again if it doesn’t get loose.

Lemon curd:

2 eggs
2 egg yokes
165 gr sugar
80 gr butter
Zest and juice from 2 lemons


3 dl whipping cream
3 tbsp. sugar

Mix all ingredients for the curd in a pan and heat until creamy on medium heat – be patient and stir all the time. Don’t fall in the trap and speed up the heat – that will only be a disaster.

Cool down and spread the curd out on the whole cake, then whipped cream and berries if you like. Just make sure that the berries are not too sour, it will be too much together with the sour lemon curd.

Roll it tight together and place on a serving tray. Decorate as you whish with e.g. berries, chocolate etc.