Marshmallows with cherries

Marshmallows with cherries


These small marshmallows were piped on the tray, and actually looks like little small trees 🙂 We added pure from cherries which gave a great result – taste was delicious! Keep cold in a tight box and it keeps for 5-6 days. Enjoy!


200 gr cherries without stone (frozen ones are just as good for purpose)
200 gr sugar
6 plates of gelatin
60 gr egg white
1 ss acacia honey

Mash cherries to pure and sift to get rid of all peel. Soak gelatin in water for 5 minutes in cold water. Measure 1 dl of cherry pure and sugar and boil until 120 deg C. Squeeze water from gelatin and add into sugar/pure mix and stir until smooth mixture. Whip egg whites and honey until merengue, add pure while mixing. Whip until mixture is at room temperature.

Prepare a tin with grease proof paper and sift icing sugar and potato flour (50/50) onto it. Pour mixture on top and sift some more icing sugar/potato flour on top. Let set and cut in pieces, roll pieces in icing sugar/potato flour to avoid pieces sticking together.