Ice cream

Home made ice cream

After making all those macrons, I got some egg yokes left, and what is better than making home made ice cream?! I’ve used this recipe for many years, it’s easy to follow, you don’t have to stir while freezing and there is no danger for crystallizing, if you just make sure to whip the cream until loose and not stiff as you would do for a Victoria sponge e.g. My batter is ready for the freezer, and I will most likely post a new one when ice cream is ready. Enjoy!

This portion gives a little more than 1 l.


8 egg yokes
200 gr sugar
5 dl whipping cream

Whip egg yokes and half amount of sugar light and airy. Whip cream until loose consistency together with rest of the sugar. Gently mix together. Pour into a plastic container and put in the freezer.

If you want to add flavor you can choose many varieties like seeds from 1/2 vanilla pod, chocolate (chopped or melted), strawberries (or any other berries), cookies, caramel, cinnamon, lime – pick your favorite!

Tip: I normally make vanilla ice cream, then it’s more easy to adjust topping to whatever I’m serving this ice cream to.