Foccacia is an all rounder to accompany different dishes and I always make it when I serve cured ham and cheese for evening snack – delicious!  When it comes to topping it’s only your fantasy which is the limit. Though, I’m careful to choose topping which fits together with the dish I serve. Enjoy!


50 gr yeast
6 1/4 dl water lukewarm
500 gr plain flour
500 gr durum wheat (semolina)
30 gr salt

Mix yeast with lukewarm water and add to flour/salt mix (if you use dry yeast mix it with flour before adding water) . Kneed in kitchen machine for about 10 min and raise for about 1 hour. Kneed dough again for about 5 min (by hand until elastic), shape about 4-5 mm thick, and bake in a tin or a baking tray with greased paper. Raise again for about 30 min.

Make “holes” in the dough with fingers by pushing them down in the dough. Sprinkle with e.g. olive oil and flaked salt. Today I used rosemary as well.

Bake in pre-heated oven to 250 °C for approx. 15 min. Take out of the oven when golden brown.