Flan traditional pudding

A soft flan with enough caramel sauce is never wrong! And since I just got hold of a tin from the 19th century, what can be better to use it for than this very traditional dessert?! It’s actually quite easy to make, just takes a little time, but on a Sunday morning there should be time enough. You can also make this in advance a couple of days before needed, just keep it in the fridge in the tin, and that should be ok. Enjoy!


100 gr sugar
1 vanilla pod
7,5 dl full fat milk
5 eggs

Melt sugar on low heat until golden brown. Pour into the tin (1 1/2 litre) and roll it around. Be careful, it’s very hot!

Split vanilla pod in two and scrape out the seeds, put seeds and pod into a pan with milk and keep until boiling. Remove from heat and cool down.

Whip eggs slightly and pour into milk mixture, sift mix into the tin.

Put the tin in water bath, about 2 cm up on the tin. You can use an oven proof tin and place your flan tin inside.

Bake in pre-heated oven at 100 degC for 2 1/2 hour.

Remove from oven and cool down before turning it around on e nice plate. Put the plate on top of flan tin and turn around – good luck!