Karameller Fløtekarameller

As a tradition we usually make caramels for Christmas, but there is no reason for not making them whenever we want, and today I made a batch for Easter holiday. Making caramels is not that complicated as many would like to think, so just go ahead, and if you run into problems just contact me and I will help as best as I can. I recommend to use a thermometer, it makes it more easy. I use a common one for cooking, just make sure it has a range for at least 130 °C. Good luck!


2 dl syrup (light type – not the dark one)
2 dl sugar
2 dl cream
2 ss butter
one pinch of salt

Mix everything in a thick bottomed pan. Boil and keep on boiling until 120 °C. The higher temperature the harder caramel. At 120 °C they become chewy and nice – yes that is my opinion.

Be aware: this is hot stuff!

When right temperature is reached, pour the caramel into a tin approx. 25×15 cm coveret with greased paper. After about 30 min remove from tin (included greased paper), and cut into pieces. Using a pizza wheel is more easy. Wrap each one in greased paper or cellophane paper, I find greased paper to be more easy.