Cake for celebrations

Cake for celebrationWe are soon celebrating Norway’s constitutional day, and with that a proper cake is mandatory! This year I made a cake close to Victoria sponge (Norwegian bløtkake) and filled it with vanilla cream and mousse with blueberries and raspberries. I decorated it with the colors of the Norwegian flag, but of course you can decorate as you like.

I make 2 pieces of sponge 18 cm in diameter. I only use 4 layers of them, and freeze the rest till next time I need a sponge (and I bet it won’t be long). Enjoy!

Sponge (for 2 x 18 cm tins):

4 eggs
100 gr sugar
60 gr plain flour
60 gr corn flour
1 tsp. baking powder

Milk/apple juice/orange juice or similar for soaking the sponges.

Whisk egg and sugar until thick and fluffy. Mix all dry ingredients and sift into the egg/sugar mix, be careful and use a spatula. Pour batter into 2 18 cm greased tins (use greased paper in the bottom).

Bake in pre-heated oven in the middle at 150 °C  in about 45-60 min (I bake them both at the same time). Remove from oven when finished and cool down.


This time I made two different mousses – one with raspberries and one with blueberries, you choose how to do. The recipe is for one layer only, so you have to make two of this, either two different ones or double the recipe and make one type.

200 gr berries (use frozen if you like)
50 gr sugar
2 gelatin plates
2 dl whipping cream

Use smoothie machine or similar to crush berries and sugar. Pour the mixture into a sift and remove all stones.

Put the gelatin in cold water for about 5 min. Heat 1/3 of the berry sauce and add the gelatin after squeezing the water off and stir until resolved. Add the rest of the saus and mix.

Whip the cream and add the cold berry sauce with a spatula.

Vanilla cream:

You can find the recipe her. Put 2,5 plates of gelatine in cold water for 5 min. Boil 1/2 dl of milk, squeeze water out of the gelatine and meldt down into milk. Add this to vanilla cream and stir. Place cool.


Divide each sponge into 3 parts, you shall use only 4 of them (freeze the leftovers).

Place one part on a plate and put the tin around. Build up the tin with greased paper to a good size above the tin. Soak the bottom well. Pour and spread over 1 part of the mousse.

Add second part and soak. Add vanilla cream.

Add third part and soak. Add second part of mousse.

Add forth part – don’t soak. Cover the cake and place cold for about 2-3 hours until mousse is set, or over the night.

Remove the tin and greased paper and decorate as you like with e.g. whipped cream, Italian merengue and berries.