Buns Sweet pastry dough

Everyone likes buns! Light and airy buns with a hint of cardamom – that’s never wrong! Serve the buns with jam, or as we are likely to do in Norway, with brown cheese, and a little butter of course. And when the buns are still luke warm, the butter melts down into the bun….mmmmmm delicious! Buns are enjoyed by all people in all groups of people, and bring children and adults together for baking them. Normally I prepare the dough up front since children can get a little impatient waiting for the dough to raise.

I got this recipe in 6th grade by Solvor, and you can find it here.

This recipe gives about 12-14 pcs. Add raisins if you like, just add them after the dough finished raising, roll them out and place on a tray covered with greaseproof paper. Use egg wash after raising and before putting them into the oven.