Buns with aniseeds

Buns with anise


Marit came by with anise buns and home made rhubarb jam the other day, they are delicious! I was lucky enough to get the recipe and can share it with you. This is quite a large portion, so if you like just split it in 3, then you have all dry ingredients pr./egg. Enjoy!


1,5 l full fat milk
300 gr butter
3 eggs
150 gr yeast
4,5 dl sugar
2,1 kg plain flour
5 pck aniseeds

Egg for brushing.

Melt butter and add milk, warm until lukewarm. Add yeast and stir until dissolved (if using dry yeast mix it with the dry ingredients before adding liquid).

Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl/kitchen machine and pour liquid and whisked eggs into it. Kneed well and let rise to double size.

Part the dough into usable size and roll out buns. Put to rise again. Brush with eggs before baking.

Bake in the middle of the oven pre-heated to 220 degree C for about 10-12 min until golden brown.