Bread with bacon

Bread with bacon

This is a bread which has been in our family for decades. My grandmother used to make this to send with my grandfather for lunch¬†when he went for work in the woods for lumbering. My father and my uncles remembers this very well, so now when “dugnad” is over, I will serve them this bread, and it’s always a success! It’s our favorite no. 1!!!

It’s very easy to make, I cheat and use already mixed bread flour. Prepare as described on the package, put to rise as normal.

Chop bacon (make sure it’s a little salty because some bacon are not) into small pieces. It’s preferable not to used already sliced bacon, but the ones you buy in pieces.

Part the dough into small buns, roll out into small flat pieces 2 mm thick and about 15 cm in diameter.

Put a generous amount bacon on top and place another rolled out and flat piece of dough on top. Seal the edges and bake at 200 deg C in the middle of the oven for about 40 min.

Eat and enjoy while still hot!