Bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding

Bread and butter pudding?! that was the reply I got from my colleague – “What is that”? After an evening enjoying shrimps there was some loaf left over, and then it came to me, that my mother used to make bread and butter pudding for dessert when we had dry and old bread left overs. So I decided to try and make this based on what I could remember from the days back then. But wow! This tasted really good and brought back some very nice childhood memories. I served it with some strawberries which I cut in pieces and mixed with some sugar. For sure I can recommend this, so go ahead and use what you have of left over bread. Enjoy!

I will try and describe as best as I can how I did it and what amount of the different ingredients I used (I have to admit I just took as it came to me not using measurements). This serves about 4 people:

1/2 loaf in slices
butter to spread out on each slice
3 eggs
5 dl milk
1 dl sugar
1 tsp. vanilla sugar
1 small handful raisins
1 handful chopped nuts/almonds

Spread butter on all loaf slices and cut them i two. Place them in a nice pattern in an oven proof tin. Put raisins in between the slices.

Mix eggs, milk, sugar and vanilla sugar and pour over the loaf. Let it soak for about 1/2 hour.

Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon over the loaf and at the end sprinkle chopped nuts/almonds on top.

Bake in the middle of the oven pre-heated to 180  °C for about 30-40 min. Remove when golden brown.

Serve with strawberries, red sauce, vanilla sauce or something else you like.